What is Telecommunication?


The following telecommunication services are also provided by the post and telegraph department and other private agencies:

1. Telephone:

It is the most popular and widely used mode of telecommunication.

It is a fast method of directly talking to the other party sitting at the other ” trunk dialing facilities and international subscribers’ dialing facilities one can easily talk to anyone within the country or to anyone outside the country.

The telephone tariff has b considerably reduced. so, now it has a low-cost communication medium for our people. The telephone has become an essential part of our everyday business.

2. Teleprinter or Telex:

A teleprinter comprises two machines with a standard keyboard which are placed at the two ends for transmission and reception of messages. 

Any message which is typed on one machine automatically and simultaneously gets typed the receiving end and it makes the communication instant and fasts.

The two machines at the two ends are connected by telegraph cables. A teleprinter may be owned or hired for use from the post office. If it is hired, it is called telex.

The telex subscribers also get the same services performed by the teleprinter.

Recent Trends in the Modes of Communications:

1. Fax:

Nowadays this facility exists almost everywhere in the world. Fax (Facsimile) device enables transmission of letters, telegrams, documents, bills, etc from the sender’s fax machine to the receiver’s fax machine which is electronically operated and connected by telephones.

The fax machine scans the documents and then converts it into digital language for transmission similar to the original one sent by the other party.

Some of the advantages of these are as under:

(a) It is a modern communication device.
(b) It enables better perusal of the document by the receiver.

(c) It is a speedy mode of communication.

(d) It ensures secrecy.

(e) It facilitates the trans the subject matter in its original form.

(f) Its operation is not at all technical and anybody can operate it.

(g) This fax facility is available round the clock everywhere.

2. Internet:

It is a network of computers prevailing all over the world. It comprises several elements such as internet websites on the World Wide Web (www), internet relay chat, bulletin board system and e-mails, etc.

Websites are used for providing general information about the products and services of organizations in such a way that the customers can have access to such information at any time at their own convenience.

Internet relay chats provide an interactive environment for the exchange of information between two parties.

It is useful for the purpose of negotiating a business deal and responding to queries from prospective buyers.

The Bulletin board is useful for sharing public domain information. In fact, e-commerce today has developed all over the world because of the widespread use of the internet in our present-day business environment.

3. E-Mail (Electronic Mail):

It is an electronic message sent from one computer to another.

The sender writes the message on his computer screen and transmits it in electronic form by connecting his computer with the internet.

The message then reaches its destination and lies at the server until the receiver opens his computer and reads the message.

The receiver may save the message on his computer or he may choose to delete the same in case he does not want to keep the same.

It is not necessary for the receiver to operate his computer while the e-mail was sent to him by the other party.

The following are the advantages of the e-mail:

(a) It is the fastest means of telecommunication.

(b) It is less expensive.

(c) It is easy to send and receive. 

4. Telegrams:

It is a speedy medium of sending a message to a long distance. The sender has to write the message on a form available in the telegraph office and hand over the same to the receiving clerk along with the prescribed charges.

A money receipt is issued for the charges paid. It is considered suitable when the message is required to be delivered at the earliest.

The message should be preferably brief because the telegram charges are based on the number of words used in the telegram. Moreover, telegrams may be ordinary or urgent. There are facilities for sending greetings telegram also at a nominal cost.

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