Reading Comprehension : Meaning, Types And Exercise

Reading Comprehension:

Reading Comprehension Test is an exercise in the original composition. It is a device to bring out the meaning of a particular message through question and answer.

It is a test to assess whether the student or the learner has an intelligent grasping or understanding of that particular passage.

It is a form of composition which requires constant and regular practice on the part of the student or the learner.   

Meaning of Comprehension: 

Reading  Comprehension means understanding. In the question paper on English, a passage is quoted and a few short answer type questions are appended to it.
A learner has to read the passage several times to understand it or grasp its meaning.
The passage contains the answers to the questions. He has to understand the passage and answer the question in sentences of his own. 

Rules of Reading Comprehension :

a) Read the passage thoroughly several times until you understood it’s meaning, Practice reading a passage silently. Silent, thorough reading of the passage is a must. 
b)  Next, read the question attentively and find the answer to the questions from the passage itself. Trick or underline the relevant lines in the passage. 
c) Don’t write anything which is not there in the given passage. 
d)  Your answer should be brief and to the point as far as practicable. 
e) Write your answer incorrect English. Don’t copy a sentence word by word from the passage. 
f)  Write your answer in your own English. Use simple sentences as far as practicable. Beware of spelling and other grammatical mistakes. 
g)   Each question is to be answered separately. 
h)  Go through your answers and check if they are correct and to the point. 


1) One-day a lion was sleeping in his den. By chance, a mouse ran into the lion’s nostril. The lion woke up and caught the mouse in his paw “I will kill you for disturbing me in sleep “.Said the lion. “Oh don’t kill me, my lord,” said the mouse, A tiny mouse-like me may one day do some good to you .” The lion laughed and said “A tiny mouse can do anything for a creative like me. “He, however, let the mouse go. Some days after, the lion was caught in a hunters net. He tried to his best to come out of it but couldn’t. He roared loudly in a range. The mouse heard his roar and came at once. He cut the net with his sharp teeth. The lion came out of the net and thanked the mouse for his help.  


1)What did the mouse do to the sleeping lion? 
2)What did the lion say to him? 
3)what did the mouse say to the lion? 
4)what did the lion do? 
5)What happens to the lion? 
6) How did the mouse help the lion? 
7) Substitute from the passage a single word for ‘the above of a lion ‘.
8)Give the plural form of a mouse. 


1) The mouse ran into the nostrils of the sleeping lion. Thus he disturbed his sleep
2) The lion said that he would kill the mouse for disturbing him in the sleep. 
3) The mouse prayed to the lion to spare him his life. He told him that he would one day do him good.
4) The lion let the mouse go. 
5)  The lion was caught in the net of a hunter. 
6)  The mouse bit the cords of the net with sharp teeth and the lion came out of the net. 
7)  ‘den ‘
8) ‘mice ‘.
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