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Are you looking for how to write a job application letter? cover letter? How to write a resume ? How to write Bio-Data? Then this article is useful to you.

Job Applications Letter:

A job application letter are the formal letters which serve as the first communication between you and the prospective employer. Application for employment acts as a personal advertisement .

Job Applications contains appeal for the job along with job seeker personal data like Name, Address, Qualifications and experience. If your job applications are not well-drafted, You will make no headway despite the requisite qualifications and job skills.

It essential that you take care even the minutest details while drafting you job application. It provides important application information like education and employment history.

Tone And Language of Job application letter:  

  • Use a Formal courteous tone without appearing ingratiating.
  • Be accurate brief and concise ,refrain from using slangs, colloquial expressions or technical jargons.
  • Check your Spelling, Grammar and punctuation carefully and then prepare the final draft. Nothing put off the employers more than an application replete with mistakes.
  • Do not sound too desperate to do the job, you must appear confidential and positive.
  • Collect consistent information about the applicant .

Types Of Job Application letter: 

There are two different Parts of Job Applications :

  • The covering letter
  • The curriculum /Resume

What Do Not to do in a job application letter?

  • Don’t use complicated sentences in your job application letter.
  • Don’t use complicated words to describe your skills use simple or essay words.
  • Don’t use Long sentence to describe your name, Your cover letter should be short and precise. It should have a 3-4 paragraph maximum.
  • Don’t include your hobbies or interests by any chance.
  • Don’t use “enclosed please find my resume”.
  • Don’t use pleonasms .

Uses Of Paragraph in a job application :

1st Paragraph :

In 1st paragraph, it should be revealed about you, your current position and your intentions towards the job. Use the first paragraph to grab the employers attention. Give the employer the reason that you are qualified for the position.

2nd Paragraph :

In 2nd paragraph make your job application letter by qualifying and giving examples that amplify and prove the claims you have mentioned. You should reveal your skills, abilities, expertise etc in any field in the past or present and highlights that expertise more which are required by the company.

3rd Paragraph :

The last 3rd paragraph you describe how you will be beneficial for the company if they hire you. Try to conclude by answering to the questions Why he should hire you? Personally sign the letter (preferably in blue ink).

                                              Biodata Topic

What’s the meaning of BioData?

Biodata refers to a person’s past and present life, experience and achievements. In a Bio-Data, you should be representative of all your personal and professional details in a specific format. It is generally divided into four parts:

  • Personal Details
  • Qualifications
  • Experience
  • References

Bio-Data Writing Tips

Don’t make the letter too long:

Don’t use complicated sentences in Bio-Data because the receiver will get bored and he will be not reading your bio-data fully.

Avoid flowery language:  

Again the letter is meant to concise and to the point. Flowery language will seem out of place.

Check to spell:

Do not Send any Bio-Data to any person before you check the Spelling.

A simple grammatical mistake can reject your application.

Email and snail-mail:  

if you are sending a Bio-Data through E-mail then always used the same format for the bio Data.

computer-generated not handwritten:  

Always used computer-generated Bio-Data, not to used handwritten Bio-Data.

Use good quality paper:  

While Writing a Bio-Data or letter always keep in mind that you are writing a letter to your job provider. So always used a good quality paper.

Format : Covering Letter

Here I will share step by step by use number :

1. Applicants Address

2. Applicants Contact number

3. Applicants E-Mail Address

4. Date

5. Receivers designation and Address

6. Subject

7. Salutation (Respected Sir /Madam)

8. Body ( Always write 3 parts of the body)

9. Complimentary Close (Your faithfully ).

10. Signature

11. Enclosure

Examples 1

Job Application :

99 -A Sector 9

Dwarka, Delhi

Mobile Number: 91xxxxxxx63

Email Address: xxxxxxxyyyyy@gmail.com

20 July 2019

The Principal

XYZ school, Delhi

18 A-Sector 8

Dwarka, Delhi

Subject: Applications For the Post of Headmaster

Sir /Madam

This is with reference to your advertisement in The India Publication, Ascent Dated 15th July 2019. I wish to apply for the same.

I am currently the middle school in charge of a repUtes convent school, a post that I successfully held for 4 Years. I have gone through the job description and find myself suited for the post. I am a confirm employee and would need to serve three months notice. I am enclosing my Resume for your kind of perusal. I shall be glad to provide any additional information in case of your desire.

Yours Faithfully



  1. Curriculum vitae / Resume
  2. Testimonials

Curriculum Vitae /Resume

Name: Mr X

Age:29 (03/01/1990)

Father Name: Mr Y

Address: 99-A Sector 9

Mobile Number : 91xxxxxxxxxx73

Email: xxxxxxyyyy@gmail.com


S. NoCourseInstitute/UniversityYear of passing
1B. EdCIE2012
2M. A EnglishDU2010
3B. ADU2008


  1. Working as a middle school coordinator with St. Anne high school Dwarka from September 12.
  2. Working As HOD English with father Beder high school from March 10 till August 2012.


A) Mrs Anna Mason

St. Anne’s High school


B) Brother Joseph

Father Beder High School




Example 2

A -310

Krishna park

New Delhi

17 Jan 2019

The Manager


New Delhi

Subject : Application for the post of ————————–.

Sir /Madam

With reference to your advertisement in the Times of India dated 15 Jan 2019 for the post of…………….., I offer myself as one of the candidates.

As far as I am concerned, I am an energetic young man possessing all the requisite qualifications and experience. I am enclosing my details Resume for your perusal so that you may make an assessment of the suitability of mine for the post.

If my resume is favourably considered, I can come for an interview at any time as per your convenience. If I am appointed, I will leave no stone unturned.

Thank You

Yours Truly

Mr .X

Example 3

720 Sector 04


10 October 2019

The manager

……………………..(companies name)


Subject: Application for the post of…………………

Dear Sir

I am writing to apply for the post of……………….. advertise in ‘The Hindu’ of 7th October 2019. Please find enclosed copy of my CV.

Since graduating from Delhi University, I have been working as an English Teacher in a private school. I love meeting new people and I have a sociable nature. I desire to change my work for a better future prospectus.

Hope you will find my qualification suitable for the job and look forward to a reply to hear from you.

Yours Sincerely

Mr X


Example 4

Niki Megato

23 Lec Road


23 October 2019

The advertiser

Box No 8461

The telegraph Kolkata

Kolkata 200124

Dear Sir /Madam

Application for the post of Assistant Engineer.

I am writing to apply for the post of Assistant Engineer, which was advertised in The Telegraph on 13 October 2019.

I have been Graduating from Jadavpur University on Jun 2018 with a B. Tech in mechanical engineering. After graduation, I have been to a private school for one year.

I have enclosed a copy of my resume to give more information about my research, academic and industrial experience.

I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss employment opportunities at your company you can reach me at email at grammartrips@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Faithfully

Mr X


Example 5

A) Bal vidya public school, Bhilal, Urgently requires a post-graduate teacher to teach political science for which they placed an advertisement in The Bhilai Express. You are Sanjay Sharma from 21, Vasant Marg Bhilai. Draft a letter for the post.

Answer :

21, Vasant Marg


13 Feb 2019

The principal

Bal Vaidya Public School


Subject: Application for the post of graduate teacher.

Dear Sir/Madam

In response to your advertisement in Bhilai Express Dated 01 Feb 2019 for the post of a political science teacher, I wish to offer my candidature.

I am enclosing a copy of my Bio-Data for your consideration.

I will be available for interview in any day as per your convenience.

Yours Faithfully

Sanjay Sharma


Practice Questions

Attempt the following questions in your notebook……

  1. You are Mohsin Ansari A PGT science. In a reputed public school. You read about the job of a content developer for a multinational E-learning company. You have the required qualifications and experience. Write to Dolphin Digital learning, apply for the post advertised.
  2. You are Amrit Singh. You have completed your master in Economics and An MBA from IMA Goa. Apply for the post of a regional sales manager of Tamnay Group of Industries.

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