Essay Writing: Meaning, Types And Essential Steps Of An Essay

Essay Writing :

An Essay Writing is a piece of literary composition on any subject. It is usually brief, suitable for reading at one sitting. Essay writing may be analytical or interpretive in nature. It deals with a subject from a more or less limited or personal standpoint.

Origin of the Essay:

The word ‘Essay’ comes from the French word ‘essai’ meaning ‘an attempt’.It is thus an effort to go about a subject clearly and Lucidly. It is an attempt to express once’s thought on a given subject incorrect language. Every Essay has a structure. It has a beginning, middle and an end. 
In the word of Henry S. Canby the author of ‘Better writing’.

Best Essay Writing Tips:

“The beginning of the essay is the introduction. The subject is to be presented to the reader in the way that you think is most likely to make him want to read till the end. Having stated the subject in the introduction, you should use the middle part of the essay for the
development of the subject.
This may need a number of paragraphs, a story may be told, a difficult argument proved, explanation and illustrations are given, or all of these things and others besides. It is
essential to round off in conclusion, which will summarize clearly and memorably all that you have been trying to say in the essay.

How to Write an Essay by Own? 

An essay is a written composition. It is indeed difficult for an essay. But once you learn the trips then you can easily start essay writing by practice. The young learner is to be trained on how to think logically and clearly, on a subject -matter, starting with the object of his everyday life.
He is to collect through observation, knowledge and experience and reflection, all points that come in his mind on a given topic. This purpose of essay writing is to test the learners grasp of the subject matter and his capacity to write down in the logical form. 

Kinds of Essay:

The essay may generally be divided into three classes: 
    a)  Descriptive 

    b)  Narrative 

    c)  Reflective. 

Descriptive Essay:  

Descriptive Essay is those Essay that describes some natural objects such as animals, trees and rivers etc. 

Narrative Essay:  

Narrative essays have for their subjects some incidents, historical or legendary lives of a person’s or festival etc. 
Reflective Essay:  
Reflective essays are those that express though of an abstract natural like student like discipline, honesty etc. This is the most difficult of all the types  

7 Easy ways to Write an Essay: 

1) Before beginning to write an essay, thank well upon the subject. 
2) Write down the point that you you like to develop. 
3) Develop the points each in separate paragraphs. 
4) Make your language simple and easy. Don’t try to write long complex sentences, Write short sentences. 
5) Beware of spelling mistakes. 
6) Put Marks of punctuation in proper places. 
7) Revise the essay carefully and correct all the mistakes. 

   For your help, I am writing an essay below

                          My Daily Life 

I’m a student. So my daily routine is very simple. I get up from bed at 5:30 am. I wash my face and hands, clean my mouth and brush my teeth. Then I walk a little in the cool morning weather. I come back back and sit down at my table. I read and prepare my lessons till 9. I have my breakfast at about 15-30 minutes. I take my bath and have my meal at about 9:30. I start school at 10. I get to school by 10:20. 
    Our school begin at 10:30. Before that, we assemble and sing the national anthem. I obey my teachers and listen to attentively when they say. I don’t make a noise in the classroom. 
 Our school breaks up at 3:30. I return home direct. I take my tiffin and rest a little. Then I go to the field. I play football and I return home with the setting of the sun. I sit at my table. I read and prepare the lesson for the next day. I go to bed at 9. On Sunday and holiday, I follow a slightly different routine.  That’s it try again and again by given steps. 
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