SMS Full Form

SMS is a word that you often hear about it but you do not know SMS full form. So You will know what is the meaning of SMS? And what is SMS full form? If you have a problem with SMS full form and you want to know the right answer to the question, then you can get it from here.

SMS Full Form:

The SMS Full Form is Short Message Service. Other SMS Full Forms are explained below:

1. SMS: Shred Mylar Surface

2. SMS: Send Me Symbols

3. SMS: Systems Management Server

4. SMS: Service Management System

5. SMS: Sainte Marie Airport

6. SMS: Systems Management Server

7. SMS: Sutter Middle School

8. SMS: Sebastian Middle School

9. SMS: Server Malloc System

10. SMS: Space Motion Sickness

11. SMS: Synchronous Meteorological Satellit

12. SMS: Systems Management Server

13. SMS: Sega Master System

14. SMS: Send Me Symbols

15. SMS: Stranka Mladih Slovenije

16. SMS: Space Motion Sickness

17. SMS: Spatial Management System

18. SMS: Safety Management System

19. SMS: Smart Messaging Service

20. SMS: Static Memory System

21. SMS: Solar Maximum Satellite

22. SMS: Shared Medical Systems

23. SMS: System Managed Storage

24. SMS: Show Me Sister

25. SMS: Sawai Mansingh

26. SMS: Shuttle Mission Simulator

27. SMS: Siemens Medical Solutions

28. SMS: Smithsonian Marine Station

29. SMS: Special Measuring Service

30. SMS: Separation Mechanism Subsystem

31. SMS: Shihab Mim Sources

32. SMS: School Management System

33. SMS: Separation Mechanism Subsystem

34. SMS: Short Message Service

35. SMS: Space Meteorological Satellite

36. SMS: Synchronous Meteorological Satellite

37. SMS: Senior Management Service

38. SMS: Stock Market Simulation

39. SMS: Solar Maximum Satellite

40. SMS: Sega Master System

41. SMS: Spectral Modeling Synthesis

42. SMS: Shred Mylar Surface

43. SMS: Space Motion Sickness

44. SMS: Storage Management Subsystem

45. SMS: Something More for Students

46. SMS: Stop Making Sense

47. SMS: Strategic Management Sciences

48. SMS: Senior Management Service

49. SMS: Smithsonian Marine Station

50. SMS: Sims Metal Management

51. SMS: Supply Management Software

52. SMS: Spectral Modeling Synthesis

53. SMS: Save My Soul

54. SMS: Smart Messaging Service

55. SMS: Seiner Majestat Schiff

56. SMS: Simple Message System

57. SMS: Sebastian Middle School

58. SMS: Spectral Modeling Synthesis

59. SMS: Sleep Management System

60. SMS: Slow Moving Software

61. SMS: South Middle School

62. SMS: Simulation Modeling System

63. SMS: Single Mobility System

64. SMS: Sleep Management System

65. SMS: Student Marking System

66. SMS: Stuart Middle School

67. SMS: Sleep Management System

68. SMS: Supply Management Software

69. SMS: Special Mint Set

70. SMS: Spool Management System

SMS Meaning:

Short Message Service is a service accessible on most digital mobile phones that allows the sending of short messages between mobile phones and other handheld devices.

SMS is a text messaging service part of most telephone, Internet, and mobile device systems. It uses standardised interface rules to allow mobile devices to change short text messages. An intermediary service can help a text-to-voice turn to be sent to landlines.

Frequently Questions And Answers:

1. What SMS means?

Ans: Short Message Service is a service accessible on most digital mobile phones that allows the sending of short messages between mobile phones and other handheld devices. 

2. What is the full form of SMS?

Ans: The SMS full form is Short Message Service.

3. Does Whatsapp send SMS?

Ans: Whatsapp is not sent SMS.

4. Are SMS messages free?

Ans: SMS messages are not free of cost.

5. Is SMS safer than WhatsApp?

Ans: Yes, SMS is safer than WhatsApp.

6. Should I use SMS or MMS?

Ans: Yes, You should use SMS.

7. Are SMS messages secure?

Ans: Yes, SMS messages secure.

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