MLC Full Form

Hello Friends, You often hear about MLC but you do not know its meaning even you do not know MLC full form. Today I am going to explain fully about MLC. So, let’s get a start.

MLC Full Form:

The MLC Full Form is Member of Legislative Council

MLC Definition: 

A Member of the Legislative Council (MLC) is elected by state legislative assembly, governor, graduates and teachers, for a term of 6 years.

A member of a legislative council is commonly referred to as an MLC. MLC is the legislature, or one of the legislative chambers, of a nation, colony, or subnational division such as a province or state; or, in the United States.

Different MLCs Full Form:

1. MLC: Medico Legal Cases

2. MLC: Myosin Light Chain

3. MLC: Midline Catheter

4. MLC: MA in Language and Communication

5. MLC: Multi-Level Cell

6. MLC: Maintenance And Logistics Command

7. MLC: Meat and Livestock Commission

8. MLC: Management and Leadership Coaching

9. MLC: Michigan Library Consortium

10. MLC: Management and Leadership Center

11. MLC: Multi Leaf Collimator

12. MLC: Marine Logistics Command

13. MLC: Math Learning Center

14. MLC: Maritime Labor Convention

15. MLC: Maximum Legal Carry

16. MLC: Meat and Livestock Commission

17. MLC: Mid-Life Crisis

18. MLC: Medical Licensing Commission

19. MLC: Midwest Lancer Club

20. MLC: Melbourne Ladies College

21. MLC: Minimum Lethal Concentration

22. MLC: Methodists Ladies College

23. MLC: Military Load Classification

24. MLC: Metropolitan Learning Center

25. MLC: Michigan Learning Communities

26. MLC: Micro Location Counter

27. MLC: Music Learning Community

28. MLC: Music Leadership and Communication

29. MLC: Myosin Light Chain

30. MLC: Metropolitan Learning Center

More Suggested Questions For You:

1. What is a MLC Member

Ans: MLC members are the people who are knows as member of legislative council.

2. What does MLC stand for in government?

Ans: MLC stand for in government is member of legislative council.

3. What is MLC bank?

Ans: MLC bank is a kind of bank which is provides investment to institutional and retail customers.

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