MLA Full Form

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MLA Full Form:

The full form of MLA is Member of Legislative Assembly.

What does MLA Stand For? 

 Member of the legislature may be a deputy elected by the voters of an electoral district to the govt of government within the Indian system of state . From each constituency, the people elect one deputy who then becomes a member of the legislature (MLA).

Each state has between seven and nine MLAs for each Member of Parliament (MP) that it’s within the Lok Sabha, the lower house of India’s bicameral parliament.

Different MLA full forms: 

Different MLA full forms are explained below: 

1. MLA: Modern Language Association

2. MLA: Master of Landscape Architecture

3. MLA: Monitoring Logging Agent

4. MLA: Medical Library Association

5. MLA: Medical Laboratory Assistant

6. MLA: Mailing List Archives

7. MLA: Member of Legislative Council

8. MLA: Multilateral Lending Agency

9. MLA: Mailing List Archives

10. MLA: Medical Laboratory Assistant

11. MLA: Meat & livestock Australia

12. MLA: Mercury Laser Altimeter

13. MLA: Manufacturing License Agreement

14. MLA: Mandated Lead Arranger

15. MLA: Mandated Lead Arranger

16. MLA: Monochrome Lens Assembly

17. MLA: Multi-Level Advertising

18. MLA: Malta International Airport

19. MLA: Major League Arc

20. MLA:  Member of the Legislative Assembly

21. MLA: Magnetic Linear Accelerator

22. MLA: Music Library Association

23. MLA: Montessori Lyceum Amsterdam

24. MLA: Military Legislative Assistant

25. MLA: Market Level Adjustment

26. MLA: Master Littering Association

27. MLA: Montessori Lyceum Amsterdam

28. MLA: Multiple Letter Acronym

29. MLA: Mission Load Allowance

30. MLA: Master of Liberal Arts

31. MLA: Montessori Lyceum Amsterdam

32. MLA: Modern Language Abbreviation

33. MLA: Master of Landscape Architecture

34. MLA: Military Legislative Assistant

35. MLA: Mercury Laser Altimeter

36. MLA: Mumbles Lovers Anon

37. MLA: Mid-America Lumbermens Association

38. MLA: Many Laughs Assured

39. MLA: Mandate Lead Arranger

40. MLA:  Multi-Level Advertising

41. MLA: Military Lending Act

Frequently Questions And Answers:

1. What is MLA stands for?

Ans: MLA stands for Member of the Legislative Assembly.

2. What does MLA stand for in politics?

Ans: MLA stands for in politics Member of the Legislative Assembly.

3. What is the salary of MLA?

Ans: The salary of a MLA is 50 lakhs plus.

4. Who will elect MLA?

Ans: MLA elect by Voter.

5. Do MLAs pay income tax?

Ans: Yes, MLA pay tax.

6. What is Indian MLA salary?

Ans: The salary of MLA is Rs 1.16 lakh.

7. Do MP and MLA pay income tax?

Ans: Yes, MLA and MP pay income tax and the tax is deduct from their salary.

8. MLA ka Full Form? 

Ans: MLA ka full form is Member of the Legislative Assembly.

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