Importance of Communication

Importance of Communication:

The importance of  communications are the following considerations:

I. It helps in providing information:

The main importance of communication is to helps in providing information about the concern’s problems, aims, objectives, plans, programs, and policies, etc.

The concern also gets feedback from the employees about their problems, likes, and dislikes, etc which helps the concern to manage them properly.

2. It helps in proper functioning:

Through the process of communication, the employees come to know about their role very well.  The employees thus become aware of what is expected from them by the concern.

So, it motivates them to give better performance to the organization and the functioning of the organization also becomes smooth and efficient.

3. It acts as a tool of supervision:

Supervision of the subordinates is made through good communication and personal observation.

The supervisor gets reports of the performances of his subordinates through the communication system. Thus, a good communication system becomes an effective tool for supervision.

4. It helps in quick decision making:

Communication helps the management to take quick decisions and enables the implementation of the same without delay.

Correct and quick decision making will be possible only if there is a continuous now of information.

5. It helps in maintaining better industrial relations:

A good communication network within the organization will help to avoid disputes, conflicts, and grievances of employees and ensure better industrial relations.

6. It develops a better understanding:

All misunderstandings created for any reason can be cleared and better understanding amongst the employees can be ensured through a good communication system within the organization.

7. It develops managerial skill:

It facilitates the managerial people to acquire knowledge and information and share the same with their staff because the communication itself is a learning process. So, it can definitely help in the development of managerial skills.

8. It ensures unity and cooperation:

Communication aims at unifying, coordinating and combining all the activities and problems Of the organization with the broad objectives of the organization.

9. It is a tool of motivation:

Communication is an effective tool for motivating employees and developing their morale.

10. It ensures greater production at lower cost:

Through communication, managerial people get new ideas, suggestions, and views from the employees which may sometimes be helpful in increasing production and reducing cost. Thus, there may be greater production at a lower cost.

11. It helps in developing loyalty amongst employees:

Communication makes available information about the enterprise to the employees and the employees are allowed to share the information.

It helps the employees to develop a sense of belongingness to the concern and encourages them to become more loyal to the organization.

12. It facilitates sound management:

A good communication system is, in fact, the foundation of sound management.

A good communication network can ensure better coordination and promote cooperation among the different departments within the organization in order to make management sound and effective.

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