How to write better?

How to Write better?

Write better is fully depend on your practice of writing and reading. Practice makes a man perfect.

So you need to write daily according to your capacity. Firstly write slowly in good handwriting and then improve your writing speed.

After writing and reading practice than writing anything in one or two paragraphs by yourself then check mistakes and correct it.

Always try to write in a place where you feel comfortable like a park or a quiet place. Use your thinking power or think for two to three minutes then start writing.

Some Tips On how to write better:

1. We practice more than you write and read, the better you’ll become at writing. You should aim for clear, concise, direct sentences without a lot of padding or superfluous words.

2. Write a paragraph by using simple words that could be read and understood by a little boy. Avoid flights of fantasy or trying to mimic how Alan Greenspan talks.

He has the ability to talk for five minutes, using so many words that his point is incomprehensible.

3. Learn how to edit others writing. That will teach you how to write yourself.

Example: Read a paragraph and decide what changes can make it very beautiful sentences and if the words and their placement flow together. If not, reword or cut or reposition words to make it better.

4. Outline your writing articles topic into the introduction, body of text, and conclusion. Add some excitement and illustrations along the way and then close with a sentence or two as a review of the topic.

5. This is best to have a set number of words as a goal, whether it can be for a brief article, an essay, a report, or a book. That will force you to pace yourself and be more stringent in your wording.

If you are running short of your goal, then add another illustration. If you are 10% over on your word count, do you really need that extra sentence or two about “Joe’s rumpled shirt and red tennis shoes?”

6. Your Personal experiences can show your mistakes and blunders in real life which can be valuable when edited to fit your topic and make a point. Poke fun at yourself.

Write to someone that can make a man laugh. Always use the small word, No need to use big words when smaller ones will work.

Steps For Better Writing:

1. Write Daily: 

Write daily is one of the best for write better. I recommend you to write more and more. Writing is a skill which is very difficult to develop and you can only improve it by continuously practising.

You can start by writing a small blog post. Maintaining a blog post requires daily effort. Try to fix a time each day to write a blog post.  Try to write at least 4 5 pages daily (or more).

2. Do research before writing:

This is also a very important for write better. when you are going to write something,  make sure that you have done all your research. This way all you have to do is write without stopping.

3. Write an outline:

Think about what do you want to write. Write down the points you want to cover.

4. Keep it precise:

Keep it brief, simple and clear and try to write to the point. Don’t repeat the words again & again

5. Don’t write with the sole intention of outdoing yourself:

This can help you with many other facets of writing. But a blog post is too personal and too unadulterated a form of expression to have anything but emotions in it.

6. Re-read your poems :

If you give yourself time and re-read your work, you will find words/phrases that didn’t come into your mind initially. You can edit and replace words and it will be like a polished version of your work-definitely

better than the original. There is no such thing as “editing for the worse”.

7. Don’t get too attached :

Sometimes you know exactly what to write, but you are too overwhelmed to actually be able to get it out. In this case, the more attached you are to the topic, the more important it is for you to get it right.

Which basically means that you have too much pressure to actually be able to please yourself. Take a break in this case. 

8. Surround yourself with inspirations :

 You need to be in the mood which you want in your blog post to reflect. Be it anger, love, sadness, hopelessness, joy, hope, anything.

Use things like music, images, physical surroundings to induce those feelings. Personally I feel music works best.

9. Read more :

 follow blog posts find meanings in small things, understand figures of speech and learn simple effective vocabulary. Observe people, nature, and objects, there can be inspirations and ideas hidden in the least obvious places.

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