How to deposit money into bank

What is deposit money?

Bank deposit or money deposit means a deposit of money to your savings, current and loan account. There are unique ways to deposit your money to a bank.

Types Of Bank Deposit:

There are three types of Bank Deposit

  1. Deposit Through Deposit Slip
  2. Deposit through a debit card at Bank
  3. Deposit through CDM machine.

Deposit Through Deposit Slip:

You can visit the nearest bank branch and ask them for the deposit slip. Fill out the form and give it to the banker along with the money to be deposited. 

Deposit Through Debit Card:

Now at this time, you can deposit your money through a debit card but less than Rs 50000. You can visit the nearest bank branch and said them to deposit your money through debit card then bank officer will ask you to provide his debit card along with money to be deposited.

Deposit Through CDM Machine:

At now you don’t need to visit the bank, You can directly deposit your money to the nearest ATM with your debit card or without a debit card. Withdraw Without debit card follows the following steps :

  1. Click on cardless deposit
  2. Enter your mobile number and click correct
  3. Enter your 11 digit account in which you want to deposit and press correct
  4. In-display you might show account holder name then press correct
  5. Insert your amount and Press confirm.
  6. Your cash successfully deposited.

Through this facility, you can only deposit less than 50000.

The deposit slip is two parts :

How to fill Up deposit slip?

Deposit is two parts:

Your Copy And Banks Copy: 

1. Date :

Write today’s date when you are writing a deposit slip.

2. Branch Name :

Writing of brach name is not compulsory. But if you want to write to them it’s better.

3. Account Number :

Fill out the account number in which you want to deposit money. Provide correct account number otherwise, you will not be deposited.

4. Account Holder name :

Fill out account holder name like that the name printed in bank passbook.

5. Amount in Cash :

In the amount section, you have to write how much money you want to deposit. In the deposit section, you have to write Amount in words and also amount in the digit.

6. Contact Number :

Write your mobile number because if any issue found in deposit then banks will contact with you to solve that issue.

7. Total :

Write Your total amount which you want to deposit.

8. Signature :

A signature needs from deposit who has gone to deposit.

What is the daily limit of deposit money?

If you have submitted your PAN card details to your bank, then you can deposit up to 1lakh. If you don’t submit your pan card to your bank then you can deposit less than 50K as per RBI rules.

How to Deposit Cash to Paytm Payment Bank?

You can deposit cash to Paytm payment bank account by visiting nearest Paytm branch. Visit Paytm branch and send an SMS to <9740797407> containing <D Amount to be deposited> from your registered mobile number. Once amount deposited successfully you will receive a confirmation SMS.

How to Transfer Money in Bank?

In case you have another bank account you can transfer money through debit card or net banking by adding their account number and ifcs code. 

How to withdraw money without debit Card?

At this time you can withdraw money without a debit card. This facility is only available on ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, State Bank of India, Bandhan Bank & HDFC bank. Visit your nearest ATM and in-display you might see cardless withdraw. 



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