Grammar Check : Meaning, Types and Important exercise

Grammar Check : 

A grammar Check is the correct form of a letter in the word of a sentence. A grammar check means using the correct appropriate letter in a word and sentence.

Let’s see Example: 

Here are some rules for correct spelling or check grammar.
    These are discussed below :


   1. Word of one syllable ending in -I, with a single vowel before it, have -II at the end :
   Fill          Full         tall     well          pill
  Till           Stall, pull   Tell           kill
a)  Words of one syllable ending in II, with a double vowel before, it,  have only – I at the end :
     Steal           Stool           Seal         pool
     Stell            Peel            Appeal     Feel
b)  Words of one syllable ending in -I drop the final -I when they are used as a suffix.
   Roll-enrol             joyful
   Ful-fulfil               painful
   Exception: A few one-syllable words retain the II at the end.
   Farewell             Rainfall
   Unwell                Downfall
II)  Words Of one syllable ending in a constant with a single vowel before it, double the consonant before a suffix begging with a vowel letter.
Drop        dropped.
Ship         shipping
Sin            Sinner
Hid           Hidden
Lug          luggage
III)  Words of more than one syllable follow the above rule if the words is stressed on the last syllable.
    Beginning           Upsetting       conferred
   Permitted             Compelling    Occurred
IV)  The Consonant -I is usually doubled even the stress does not fall on the last syllable.
     Travel         Travelled
     Jewel            Jeweller
     Signal           Signalling


I.  The final-e is dropped before a suffix that begins with a vowel
   Give +ing =Giving     Move +able =moving   Leave +ing= Leaving   Cure+able=curable
II. But the final -e is retained before a suffix beginning with a consonant :
  Hope +Full= Hopeful
 Engage +ment = engagement
III)  Words ending in -Ce or ge retain the -e before a suffix beginning with a, o, u, e, g
     Courage        Courageous
     Marriage       Marriageable
 IV)  But if the ‘Y’ is preceded by a vowel, it,  the final ‘y’ remains unchanged before any suffix.
  Pray         Prayed
  Play        played
V)  In forming plural or adding the ending of the third person singular of the Present Indefinite Tense :
   a)  The ‘y’ preceded by a consonant changes to ‘I’ and adds -es,
     Baby                Babies
    Cry                    Cries
b)  The ‘Y’ Preceded by a vowel remain unchanged and adds -s;
        Buy              Buys


        Way             Ways


I.  The final ‘Y’ of  Word changes to ‘I’ before ending excepting if it is preceded by a consonant.
    Happy          Happily
    Carry          Carried
   Dry              Dried
II. The Final ‘Y’ of a word will remain unchanged if it is preceded by a vowel and ‘S’ will added after the ‘Y’.
   Buy        Buys
  Way        Ways


When the suffix ‘full’ is added to another word,  the second ‘I’ is dropped.
      Joy+ Full = Joyful
     Beauty +Full = Beautyful

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