DCP Full Form

Looking For What does DCP stand for? What is DCP full form? What is the full meaning Of DCP. I am going to explain on it.  So, let’s get a start.


DCP full form:

The DCP full form is Deputy Commissioner of Police. DCP is a high-level post in the police department. The DCP has the national emblem above a star on the shoulder.

The rank of DCP officer is equal to the Superintendent of Police officers. The work of ACP officers is really challenging and they are liable for the handle and manage of the Law and by the order of the state level.

Steps to Become a DCP officer:

There are two steps to becoming a DCP officer. First One is through selecting by UPSC after writing group I examination.

Another one is a police officer can become an SP-DCP officer after 10 to 15 years of service in the police department through basic promotion.

Salary and Facilities of CP Officer

Do you want to know how much salary is paying for a DCP officer now? A DCP officer is paying up to 39000 salaries approximately. And the government also gives the many facilities to a DCP Officer such as official vehicles, medical benefits, and the government paid the telephone and electricity bill, etc.

Requirements to Become a DCP Officer:

If any person has a dream to become a DCP officer then he has to pass the UPSC exam and along with having to fulfill the basic requirements which are explained below:

  1. The candidature must be the citizen of India.
  2. The candidature must be completed graduation in any stream from any known college or university.
  3. The Candidature must have to physically fit.

Age Limit Required:

The required age must be between 21 to 33 for general categories and for SC and ST the limit is 37.

Required Educational Qualification:

The candidature must be completed graduation in any stream from any known college or university.

Required Exam Percentage:

The candidature must be complete graduation with a minimum percentage of 45%.

Physical Requirements:

Minimum Height: 1.62 meters Chest: 84 cm (33 in) and chest expansion of 5 cm (2 in). Weight: 51.5 kgs. Eyesight: 6/6 or 6/9 for distant vision is good for the eye.

Physical Ability Test

For Male:

1. 1600 meter race in seven minutes.

2. 1.15-meter high jump within three trials.

3. 3.5-meter long jump in three attempts.

4. vertical rope- Climb two meters from the area.

For Female:

1. 800-meter race in 4 minutes 45 seconds.

2. 1-meter high jump.

3. 3-meter long jump.

4. Shuttle.


1. The candidature who qualified in the UPSC will be called for Written Examination followed by the interview.

2. The candidate who passed a physical ability test.

3. Document verification and medical examination.

General Responsibility of a DCP officer:

Supervision of all technical matters related to information & maintenance, as well as official works related to Wireless Branch.

More Suggested Questions And Answers For You:

1. Who is higher SP or DCP?

Ans: SP is higher than DCP.

2. How do I become a DCP?

Ans: Already explained in above.

3. Who is the DCP of crime branch?

Ans: Ashok Chand is the DCP of crime branch.

4. Who is current DCP of Mumbai?

Ans:  Param Bir Singh is the current DCP of Mumbai.



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