CBI Full Form

Hii, Friends, You often hear about CBI but you do not know its meaning even you do not know CBI full form. Today I am going to explain fully about CBI. So, let’s get a start.

CBI Full Form: 

The CBI Full Form is Central bureau of Investigation. 

CBI Definition:

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is the main investigating agency of India. Its headquarter are in new Delhi. They Operating under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Personnel.

The Central Bureau of Investigation is Originally set up to investigate bribery and governmental corruption, in 1963 it received expanded jurisdiction to investigate breaches of central laws enforceable by the Government of India.

Different CBI Full Forms:

1. CBI: Critical Behavior Inventory

2. CBI: Central Bank of India

3. CBI: Confederation of British Industry

4. CBI: Chicago Bridge & Iron

5. CBI: Constant Bladder Irrigation

6. CBI: Central Bank of Iraq

7. CBI: Chicago Bridge & Iron Company

8. CBI: Commercial Bank International

9. CBI:  Competency-Based Interview

10. CBI: Cape Barren Island

11. CBI: Confidential Business Information

12. CBI:  Confederation for British Industry

13.  CBI: Colorado Bureau Of Investigation

14. CBI: College Basketball Invitational

15. CBI: Caribbean Basin Initiative

16. CBI: Central Bank of Ireland

17. CBI: Computer Based Instruction

18. CBI: College Broadcasters Inc

19. CBI: Computer Based Introduction

20. CBI: California Bureau of Investigation

21. CBI: Continuous Bladder Irrigation

22. CBI: Cricket Badmen of India

23. CBI: China Burma India

24. CBI: Charles Babbage Institute

25. CBI: Coping Behaviours Inventory

26. CBI: Chemical/ Biological Information

27. CBI: Community Based Instruction

28. CBI: Computer Based Interlocking

29. CBI: Cyborg Bureau of Intelligence

30. CBI: Cosmic Background

31. CBI: Couple Of Bottles Intoxication

32. CBI: Central Bukidnon Institute

33. CBI: Crime Babus Of India

34. CBI: Center for Biomedical Imaging

35. CBI: Critical Business Issue

More Suggested Questions For You:

1. How can I become a CBI officer?

Ans: If you want to become a CBI officer you must appear the examinations performed by UPSC.

2. Who is CBI officer in India?

Ans: Rishi Kumar Shukla is CBI officer in India.

3. What is the salary of an CBI officer?

Ans: The salary of an CBI officer is around Rs. 40,000.

4. What is the difference between CBI and police?

Ans: CBI works under Central Govt. and Police worked under State Govt. 

5. Which subject is best for CBI officer?

Ans: Arts stream is the best for CBI officer.

6. How can I join CBI after 12th science?

Ans: Yes, you can but you have to crack CGPE.

7. Is CBI really powerful?

Ans: Yes, CBI is really powerful.

8. Can CBI officers carry guns?

Ans: Yes, CBI officers can carry guns.

9. Which is best CID VS CBI?

Ans: CBI is more powerful than CID.

10. Who is more powerful CBI or IPS?

Ans: IPS is more powerful than CBI.

11. Can a girl join CBI?

Ans: Yes, Girls can join CBI.

12. Can we join CBI after 12?

Ans: No, You can not join CBI after 12.

13. Who is the founder of CBI?

Ans: Government of India is the founder of CBI.

14. Is CID exist in India?

Ans: Yes, CID exists in India.

15. Are CID higher than police?

Ans: Yes, CID is higher than police.

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