ASR Full Form

Hii, Friends, You often hear about ASR but you do not know its meaning even you do not know ASR full form. Today I am going to explain fully about ASR. So, Let’s get a start.

ASR Full Form:

The ASR Full Form is Automatic Speech Recognition. Other ASR full forms are explained below:

1. ASR: Aquifer Storage and Recovery

2. ASR: Address Space Register

3. ASR: Alternative System Review

4. ASR: Automated System Recovery

5. ASR: Atomic Sequential Reduction

6. ASR: Alkali-Silica Reaction

7. ASR: Anti-Slip Regulation

8. ASR: Arnav Singh Raizada

9. ASR: Automatic Send-Receive

10. ASR: Aggregation Services Router

11. ASR: Automatic Server Recovery

12. ASR: Antenna Structure Registration

13. ASR: American Sociological Review

14. ASR: Academic Source Release

15. ASR: Admiralty Standard Range

16. ASR: Alkali-Silica Reaction

17. ASR: Arithmetic Shift Right

18. ASR: Access Service Request

19. ASR: Airport Surveillance Radar

20. ASR: Academic Status Report

21. ASR: Antenna Structure Registration

22. ASR: Automatic Server Restart

23. ASR: Authorized Sales Representative

24. ASR: Association des Scouts du Rwanda

25. ASR: Advances in Science and Research

26. ASR: Accounting Series Releases

27. ASR: Analyte Specific Reagent

28. ASR: Auto Shredder Residue

29. ASR: Alkali-Silica Reaction

30. ASR: Association of Student Representatives

31. ASR: Anti-slip Regulator

32.ASR: Auto Shredder Residue

33. ASR: Ambulatory Services Representative

34. ASR: Answer Seizure Ratio

35. ASR: Analyte-Specific Reagent

36. ASR: Asynchronous Signal Routine

37. ASR: Apple Software Restore

38. ASR: Antenna Structure Registration

39. ASR: Additional Score Report

40. ASR: Army Service Ribbon

41. ASR: Active Sports Retailers

42. ASR: Available Supply Rate

43. ASR: Access Service Request

44. ASR: Alpha Sequential Read

45. ASR: Atomic Sequential Reduction

46. ASR: Advanced Shake Reduction

47. ASR: American Safety Razor

48. ASR: Alkali Silica Reactivity

49. ASR: Acceleration Slip Regulation

50. ASR: Associate Sales Representative

51. ASR: Account Status Report

52. ASR: Action Sports Retail

53. ASR: Submarine Rescue Ship

54. ASR: Additional Score Report

55. ASR: Accounting Series Releases

56. ASR: Authorized Sales Representative

57. ASR: Arctic System Re-analysis

58. ASR: Acquisition Strategy Report

59. ASR: Academic Source Release

60. ASR:  Alpha Sequential Read

61. ASR: Australian Society of Rheology

62. ASR: Advances in Space Research

63. ASR: Adalbert Stifter Realschule

64. ASR: Aggregation Services Router

65. ASR: Age Standardised Rate

66. ASR: Action for Social Rights

67. ASR: Accounting Series Releases

68. ASR: Admiralty Standard Range

69. ASR: Ambulatory Services Representative

70. ASR:  Asynchronous Signal Routine

ASR Meaning:

Automatic Speech recognition is an interdisciplinary field of computer science and computational linguistics that develops methodologies and technologies that enable the recognition and translation of spoken language into text by computers.

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